Cute Doll Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Hello dear visitors, I am here again with new amigurumi molds for you. I am sharing amigurumi patterns for you here for free. You can make your children happy by making these patterns. Amigurumi toys are very popular lately and are the most beautiful toys that don’t harm your kids. Your kids will love them. Let’s move on to our pattern and give them this gift.

Body : Etrofil baby cotton
Sweater yarn art jeans (05) white (03)
Boots etrofil baby cotton (70743)
Hair yarn art jeans (84)
Pants etrofil baby cotton (73110)
Plastic for foot and sole of shoes
Neck holder
10 mm eyes
Black thin yarn (for eye)
1.75 needle

X : Single crochet
V : increase
A : decrease
Sh : macig rink
Ch : chain
Hdc : half double crochet
BLO : Take from rear lop
FLO : Take from front lop
W : Hit the same single needle 3 times

Rnd 1. 6x in SH :6x
Rnd 2. (v)6 : 12x
Rnd 3. (x, v)6 : 18x
Rnd 4. (2x, v )6 : 24x
Rnd 5. (3x, v)6 : 30x
Rnd 6. (4x, v)6 : 36x
Rnd 7. (5x, v)6 : 42x
Rnd 8. (6x, v)6 : 48x
Rnd 9. (7x, v)6 : 54X
Rnd 10. (8x, v)6 : 60x
Rnd 11. (19x, v)3 : 63x
Rnd 12-23. 63x (12 rows ahead) 10x among the eyes
Rnd 24. 20x, (v, 2x)*8, 19x : 71x
Rnd 25-29. 71x (5 rows)


Rnd 30. 20x, (a, 2x)8, 19x : 63x
Rnd 31. (19x, a)3 : 60x
Rnd 32. 4x, a, (8x, a)5, 4x : 54x
Rnd 33. (7x, a)6 : 48x
Rnd 34. 3x, a, (6x, a)5, 3x : 42x
Rnd 35. (5x, a)6 : 36x fill out the head
Rnd 36. 2x, a, (4x, a)5, 2x : 30x
Rnd 37. (3x, a)6x : 24x
Rnd 38. x, a, (2x, a)*5, x : 18x
Finish it with cc

Embroider the eyes

Rnd 1. 7x in magic ring
Rnd 2. (v)7 : 14x
Rnd 3. (x, v)7 : 21x
Rnd 4. (2x, v)*7 : 28x
28 ch start to from 2nd
26 hdc
Combine with cc
Knit 18 hairs in this way
80 ch start from 2nd
79 hdc
Combine with cc
Knit 12 hairs in this way
Let a bit yarn for sewing

fasten up
and knit the

Rnd 1. 7X in sh : 7x
Rnd 2. (v)*7 : 14x
Rnd 3-5. 14x : (3 rows)
Rnd 6. 2x, (4dc)v knit to the same x, 11x : 17x
Rnd 7. 2x, (4dc)a, 11x : 14x
Rnd 8. 2a, x, 2a, x, 2a : 8x
Rnd 9-16. 8x (8 rows)
Rnd 17. v,v x, v, x, v, v, x : 13x
Cut the yarn. Switch to the cream color

14ch start from 2nd
Rnd 1. 13x combine
Rnd 2-8. 13x (7 rows)
Combine the arm and the
Rnd 9-16. 13x (8 rows)
Finish it with cc.

22ch start from 2nd
Rnd 1. 21x combine
Rnd 2. 21x
Rnd 3. (v)*21 : 42x
Rnd 4-18. 42x (15 rows)
Knit the other leg in same
way and combine 84x
Rnd 19-34. 84x (16x)

(first foot)
4ch start from 2nd
Rnd 1. 2x, W(knit to the same point 3 times), 2x, W : 10x
Rnd 2. 2x, v, v, v, 2x, v, v, v : 16x
Rnd 3. 3x, v, x, v, x, v, 3x, v, x, v, x, v : 22x
Rnd 4. 4x, v, x, v, x, v, 6x, v, x, v, x, v, 2x : 28x
Rnd 5. 5x, v, 4x, v, 11x : 30x (place the sign here)
Rnd 6. 30x (BLO) (place the plastic base)
Rnd 7-8. 30x (2 rows)
Rnd 9. 7x, (a, x)6, 5x : 24x
Rnd 10. 7x, (a, x)4, 5x : 20x
Fill out the shoe
Rnd 11. (2x, a)5 : 15x
Rnd 12-16. 15x (5 rows)
switch to white yarn
Rnd 17. BLO 15x
Rnd 18. v, 14x : 16x

Knit the shoe details 15x switch to body color yarn
Rnd 20. BLO 16x
Rnd 21. 16x Knit the sock details 16x
Rnd 22-23. 16x (2 rows)
Rnd 24. x, v, 14x : 17x
Rnd 25-28. 17x (4 row)
Rnd 29. 15x, a : 16xu
Rnd 30. (x, a)2, 3x, v, v, v, 4x : 17x
Rnd 31. 17x
Rnd 32. 2x, v, 14x : 18x
Rnd 33-34 18x
Rnd 35. 3x, v, 14x : 19x
Rnd 36-37. 19x (2 rows)
Rnd 38. 4x, v, 14x : 20x
Rnd 39-44. 20x (6 rows)
2nd leg should be 9x less than first leg
(2nd leg = first leg-9x)
Cut the yarn after the 2nd leg

2ch combine with the first leg
Rnd 1. 20x, v, v, 20x, v, v, x : 48x
Place the sign here
Rnd 2-11. 48x (10 rows)
Rnd 12. (6x, a)*6 : 42x
Switch to the cream color
Rnd 13. 8x, a, 19, a, 11x : 40x
Rnd 14-19. 42x (6 rows)

Keep knitting
Rnd 35. (2x, a)21 : 63x
Rnd 36. (x, a)21 : 42x
Rnd 37-38. 42x (2 rows)
Cut and hide the yarn.

Combine the arms
Rnd 20. 8x, (combine first arm with 3x)
17x, (combine 2nd arm with 3x) 9x : 54x
Rnd 21. 54x
Rnd 22. (7x, a) : 48x
Rnd 23. 3x, (6x, a)5, 3x : 42x
Rnd 24. (5x, a)6 : 36x
Rnd 25. 2x, a, (4x, a)*5, 2x : 30x

switch to body color yarn
Rnd 26. BLO (3x, a)6 : 24x
Rnd 27. x, a, (2x, a)5, x : 18x
Rnd 28-29. 18x
Pullover details
FLO 30x

32ch start from 2nd

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