Tiny Amigurumi Teddy Bear Free Pattern

Hello dear visitors, I am here again with new amigurumi molds for you. I am sharing amigurumi patterns for you here for free. You can make your children happy by making these patterns. Amigurumi toys are very popular lately and are the most beautiful toys that don’t harm your kids. Your kids will love them. Let’s move on to our pattern and give them this gift.

– Hook: 3.5 mm
– Yarn: Worsted Weight: Approx. 100 yards-fur colour of your choosing, Red, White, Brown, Black, small amount of beige (I used Impeccable by Loops and Threads)
– 8 mm Safety Eyes or Embroidered Eyes
– Brown Embroidery Thread (or thin brown yarn)
– Polyfill
– Needle
– Optional: Stitch Markers and Pins, buttons, decorative embroidery thread, ribbon, decorative buttons

MR – Magic Ring
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
SL ST – Slip Stitch
INC SC – Increase Single Crochet-make 2 single crochet into 1 stitch
INC HDC – Increase Half Double Crochet-make 2 half double crochet into 1 stitch
INC DC – Increase Double Crochet-make 2 double crochet into 1 stitch
INV DEC – Invisible Decrease
FLO – Front Loop Only
BLO – Back Loop Only
() x… – Repeat everthing within the brackets
FO – Fasten Off

Amigurumi bear free pattern

Other Notes:
Magic Ring alternative- If you do not feel comfortable doing a magic ring, you can also chain 2 and work the indicated number of stitches into the first chain.

Continuous Rounds– All components are worked in continuous rounds.

Straight Lines– To make a cleaner line for the black belt and red base of the shirt for the bear, the first round after each colour change is a round of slip stitches, followed by a round of SC in the back loop only.

3DC BOB– *YO, insert hook into next stitch, YO, pull through stitch. YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.* repeat 2 times more, YO, pull through all 4 loops on hook.

Colour Change– When changing from one colour to another, in your final SC stitch after you have 2 loops on your hook, pull through with your new colour.

In beige colour yarn:
R1: 7 SC into MR (7 st)
SL ST to first stitch, FO and leave yarn tail for sewing on later. To make the nose, run brown embroidery thread out through the centre of the muzzle and back through again several times, forming a triangle, then run the embroidery thread out from one top corner to the other of the nose.  Use the embroidery thread to then make a mouth from the centre of the muzzle downwards. See photo for more guidance.

In fur colour yarn:
R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)
R2: INC SC around (12 st)
R3: (SC, INC SC) x6 (18 st)
R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x6 (24 st)
R5-9: SC around (24 st)
R10: (2 SC, INV DEC) x6 (18 st)
Place 8 mm eyes between R6 and 7, 5 st apart, or in a position you like. Make sure there is enough room between them for your muzzle, which you will attach later. Once you are happy with the distance between the eyes, add washers to the back.
Start stuffing, and continue throughout.
R11: (SC, INV DEC) x6 (12 st)
R12: (4 SC, INV DEC) x2 (10 st)
FO, and finish stuffing, weaving in the ends.
Take the muzzle and pin in place. The bear pictured has his muzzle placed between R7 and 10. Using a needle and yarn tail, sew the muzzle in place. Weave in the ends.

Ears (make 2)
Using fur colour yarn:
R1: 5 SC into MR (5 st)
R2: INC SC around (10 st)
R3: SC around (10 st)
FO, leaving long tail for sewing. Do not stuff. Flatten ears with the yarn tail at one end. Curve the ears slightly and pin to the head, starting about 2 stitches down from the top. Sew in place with a needle and weave in the ends.

In fur colour yarn:
R1: 5 SC into MR (5 st)
R2:  INC SC x 5 (10 st)
R3: (SC, INC SC) x5 (15 st)
R4: (2SC, INC) x5 (20 st)
Switch to black yarn
R5: SL ST around (20 st)
R6: In BLO, SC around (20 st)
Switch to red yarn
R7: SL ST around (20 st)
R8: In BLO, SC around (20 st)
R9: SC around (20 st)
Start to stuff and continue stuffing throughout
R10: (2 SC, INV DEC) x5 (15 st)
R11: (SC, INV DEC) x5 (10 st)
FO and leave a long tail for sewing. Finish stuffing. Position the body with the colour changes at the back and sew the top of the body to the base of the head and weave in the ends.

Arms (make 2)
Each arm is made in 2 parts- the upper arm, then the hand. These are then sewn together and attached to the side of the body.
In red colour yarn:
R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)
R2: In BLO, SC around (6 st)
R3: SC around (6 st)
R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x2 (8 st)
SL ST to the first stitch and FO, leaving a long tail. Attach to a needle and weave the yarn back through the arm, coming out at one side between R1 and R2. You will later use this tail to attach to the body.
To make the hands, in fur colour yarn:
R1: 4 SC in MR (4 st)
R2: SC around (4 st)
SL ST to the first stitch, and finish off, leaving a tail for sewing.
Take a small amount of stuffing and stuff the arms, then place the hands you just made inside the arms, so they peek out slightly. Using a needle and the leftover yarn tail, sew the hands in place on the inside of the arms. Weave in the ends.
Next, pin the arms in a position you like on either side of the body of the bear, and sew the arms in place. You can give the arms more room for movement by only sewing at the corners of the arms, or place several stitches down several rows of the arm to attach it firmly to the body.

Legs (make 2)
Due to different tensions, when you finish your bear legs, you may need to add or take away a stitch or two so the last stitch lines up vertically with the back of the heel of your bear. Make a note after doing the first leg if you had to add or remove any stitches, so both legs are even. This will ensure that when sewn to the sides of the body they flop out at the same angle.
The foot of the leg is constructed by working initially around a starting chain, first the top then the bottom. Afterwards, it spirals in continuous rounds.
In fur colour yarn:
R1: CH 4. SC in 2nd CH from hook and the following CH. INC 3 SC in last CH. Working on the other side of the chain, SC, INC SC (8 st)
R2: (INC SC, SC) x4 (12 st)
R3: In the BLO, SC around (12 st)
R4: 2 SC,4 INV DEC, 2 SC (8 st)
R5: 2 SC, INV 3 DEC, 3 SC (6 st)
Start to stuff foot lightly
R6-7, SC around (6 st)
If your last stitch does not line up with the back of the heel of the foot, add or take away stitches so it does so. Pinch the sides of the foot closed and CH 1. Then, 3 SC across through the top of the stitches of both sides of the leg to close it. Finish off leaving a length of yarn. Pin the legs to the base of the body and sew on. Weave in ends.

In fur colour:
R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)
R2: SC around (6 st)
SL ST to first stitch of previous round and FO. Lightly stuff if necessary and pin to the body at the back. Sew the tail in place and weave in ends.

CH 1 counts as a stitch
A tight SC between each 3 DC BOB will help the bobbles stick out.
In red colour:
R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)
R2: (2 SC, INC SC) x2 (8 st)
R3: (3 SC, INC SC) x2 (10 st)
R4: SC around (10 st)
R5: (4 SC, INC SC) x2 (12 st)
R6: SC around (12 st)
R7: (5 SC, INC SC) x2 (14 st)
R8: SC around (14 st)
R9 (6 SC, INC SC) x2 (16 st)
R10: (3 SC, INC SC) x4 (20 st)
SL ST to the first st and FO, leaving a yarn tail if you wish to have your santa hat bent over (you’ll come back to do this later), otherwise, weave in the ends.
R11: Now, switch to white yarn, connecting to the hat with a SL ST and CH 1. (3 DC BOB, SC), repeating around the hat, ending on a 3 DC BOB. (20 st)
Connect to the starting CH 1 with a SL ST, and FO, leaving a yarn tail and set aside.

Optional Pom
In white colour yarn:
Wrap your yarn around two fingers, 25-30 times and tie tightly together with a long piece of yarn. Using scissors (the sharper the better!) trim your pom to a size that you like. Attach to a needle and sew through the top of the hat, weaving in the ends.

Hat Construction
Now, if you wish to make your hat bent, with your red yarn tail and a needle, weave up through the hat to around row 8, bend the tip of the hat down and sew through several times to secure it in place. FO and weave in the ends. Pin your hat in a position you like over one of the bear’s ears and sew in place, weaving in the ends.

Christmas Sack
In brown colour yarn:
R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)
R2: INC SC around (12 st)
R3: (SC, INC SC) x6 (18 st)
R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x6 (24 st)
R5: (3 SC, INC SC) x6 (30 st)
R6: (4 SC, INC SC) x6 (36 st)
R7-16: SC around (36 st)
R17: (SC, CH 1, skip 1 st) x18 (18 SC, 18 CH)
SL ST to first ST and weave in the ends.
Now, take a piece of yarn or ribbon that is an inch or two longer than the distance around the sack opening and weave back and forth through the holes made from the last row. Once you have weaved all the way around the bag, tie to the other end of the yarn/ribbon.

To make your bear and his Christmas sack unique, you may want to add some buttons or embroidery thread! A cute button can look nice on the front of his belt, or some gold thread can be sewn on the front to make a buckle. A festive button, or snowflakes sewn on with embroidery thread really finish off the bag! A nice alternative could also be to use a colourful ribbon to weave in at the top of the bag.

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